One percent of one percent

I was recently involved in a marketing presentation for SMB businesses. Some great tools where covered that would really help to automate marketing for any business. But, you know what? They are totally useless without two simple precursors.
I remember a public speaker who once offered the whole audience the opportunity to contact him for assistance with the topic he was discussing (and it happened to be marketing). When questioned about why he made such an offer, his reply was that in his experience less than one percent of people actually took up his offer. Thus he felt very safe in making it. Even when people are all fired up after they walk out the door they rarely do anything.
However, let’s say that you are fired up enough after leaving the marketing discussion to actually do something, the next hurdle you face is that you need to something consistently. Again, I would contend that less than one percent of that one percent actually take action and do so consistently.
Now the positive here is that if you, one, do something and two, do it consistently you are going to be more successful than 10,000 of your peers (i.e one percent of one percent).
These two little things are the reasons why so many businesses never reach their potential. Most take no action, even after paying money to learn about what to do as well as how to do it. The few that do simply don’t keeping doing it but in the meantime spend a fortune on all these tools that they think they ‘will’ use. They generally give up far to quickly because they don’t see results immediately.
So by all means go out and see what tools and techniques are available but reconcile yourself to the fact that unless you take action and do so consistently such tools are simply wasted. However, if you do take consistent action you are going to be so far ahead of just about every business. You will be the one percent of the one percent and your chances of success will skyrocket.
Success is more about consistency than anything else.

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