Smarter help when editing with Office Online

Here’s something I just learnt that I think is really, really helpful.


Click on a Microsoft Office document somewhere in SharePoint Online (Team Site or OneDrive for Business). It will then open that document in a browser using Office Online. If you then elect to edit that document in a browser you’ll see the familiar ribbon as shown above.


See that box at the top of the ribbon that says ‘Tell me what to do’?


If I type ‘create table’, as you can see that menu option immediately becomes available, allowing me to select and create a table.


If I instead type in the box ‘create grid’, Office Online works out that I probably mean table and again shows me the appropriate menu command right there so I can create my table.

This is very powerful as it allows people to find what they are after much quicker and reduces the needs for lots and lots of menus and buttons.

Use it, love it.

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