Office 365 email attachments into OneDrive

A little while ago I noted in a blog post how the ability to select an attachment that was already in your OneDrive for Business was being rolled out.


After watching the latest Garage Series video I note that you can elect to upload a file from your desktop machine and attach it to an email as you used to BUT NOW you can also upload it directly into your OneDrive for Business as you see with the top button above!


It then displays the file in the email as you see above but that is simply a pointer to the location in OneDive for Business where the file actually lives.

However, even better than that, all the people you send the email with the attachment to automatically have the appropriate rights set in OneDrive for Business. All the external sharing business is ‘automagically’ taken care of! Impressive.

It seems that this is only available via Outlook Web Access. It would be nice if it was also available via Outlook on the desktop but I wouldn’t expect that initially. Down the track? Yes, probably but for now whata great addition.

As always, I recommend you watch the latest Garage Series video to learn about everything that is happening with Office 365.

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