Click to run install on RDS server

*** Please see this update – ***

A while back I wrote an updated post on using Office 365 Pro Plus on an RDS server. You can find that post at:

Installing Office 365 Pro Plus on an RDS server

One of the issues I highlighted is that currently the Office 365 Pro Plus with its click to run functionality doesn’t allow the ability to install on an RDS server. This means you need to purchase an addition Office Pro Plus VL media and key set to actually do the install of the software into that environment.

That is all about to change as Microsoft announced in this blog post:

Updates to Office 365 ProPlus for admins and first look at upcoming shared computer support

Now you will be able to use the click to run Office Pro Plus to install on a RDS server. This means you’ll no longer to purchase that one additional license.

The blog post also highlights a number of significant improvements in the ability for IT Professionals to deploy Office 365 Pro Plus, including the ability to de-select certain applications from the package during installation.

If you are an IT Professional working with Office 365 Pro Plus I’d suggest you have a read of the blog post and watch the new Garage Series video that demonstrates all this new stuff.

It is clear that Microsoft is listening to people’s needs and acting quickly to bring these to market. This simply makes Office 365 an even better option for customers.

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