SharePoint Online interface upgrade

The most frustrating thing about all the stuff that comes out with Office 365 is that if you already have Office 365 you have to wait until the changes get rolled out to your tenant. The time that you need to wait is getting shorter and shorter but I now most happy the upgrades to the SharePoint Online have hit my tenant.


The first change you note is the new menu bar for items in SharePoint. As you can see above upload, sync, edit, manage and share are now surfaced at the top. This really makes the most common tasks easier.


I especially like the fact that you can select a file and press manage, you get the list of options that you used to have dig through the ellipses to get to. Nice!


What I also discovered was that if you select the ellipse to view the properties and preview of the file you see the usual direct link for the file.


But, if you look at the end of the URL field you will notice a little mobile phone icon.


If you select that icon you are taken to a new page that provides you a QR code that contains the URL to the file. Nice!


The menu at the top has also changed slightly. You can see that the Office 365 to the left is now a darker colour from the user menu settings on the right. Nice!

Small things perhaps but they all make the service better. The new navigation bar will certainly make things easier for users in my book.

The best thing? There are even more improvements on the way. I can’t wait.

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