Meet the New Windows

It is very unfortunate that Windows 8 has received a lot of negative press, mainly from those who have never used it! Yep, it works better on a touch device which are not that common yet but if you simply press the Windows Key you end up at the desktop. How hard is that?
Windows 8 is certainly a major departure in terms of interface from what most people are used to but anyone who has ever used a tablet or a smart phone should be able to adapt pretty quickly, so I can’t see why some people moan so much?? Are they not using a smart phone? I doubt it. Most of the negativity seems to be coming from those ‘old school’ users who don’t want to learn anything new. However, any new interface always elicits cries of angst. What happened to the day when we couldn’t wait for something new? Have people really become that staid now days?
The secret to success with Windows 8 is to spend some time acclimatizing yourself to the new stuff. It doesn’t take long, 10 – 15 minutes is enough for most people to get up to speed and be more productive than they were with previous operating systems. It would have been great if Windows 8 did include its own usage tutorial but it doesn’t and that has counted against it when it comes to adoption.
A little bit of digging around the Microsoft site reveals a wonderful training document on Windows 8.
Windows 8 End User Training brochure
I’d recommend that any Windows 8 user download and work their way through the document as it covers a huge amount of the new features in Windows 8. In many cases, once you become familiar with these features you’ll really appreciate how much better than can make your technology experience.
Even if you aren’t currently using Windows 8 it is probably worthwhile downloading and going through the document or at least keeping it handy as chances are, one day you’ll be using Windows 8!
Before you write Windows 8 off and consign yourself back to your 1980’s machine, go through the Windows 8 End User Training brochure and then use Windows 8 for yourself. I’m pretty sure you’ll find a whole new world with a bit of knowledge under your belt.

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