Cloud Business Podcast available on iTunes

The Cloud Business Podcast - Opportunity in the Cloud is only a Click Away with Robert Crane and Nigel Moore

I am very happy to announce that the Cloud Business Podcast featuring Nigel Moore and myself is now available for listening via iTunes. You’ll find it at:

Here’s the description:

If you are a global IT entrepreneur looking to profit from the opportunity offered by the cloud, join us each episode to learn more about how products like Office 365, Google Apps, and other cloud services can boost your IT services business and grow your bottom line. Unlike other programs, this one covers both technical and business topics as well as the feedback and experiences from a community of members devoted to helping each other move their business to new levels. The show will take you from simply reselling products to creating successful offerings that customer want. It will show you how to position your business to move beyond the traditional services model and best of all it will inspire you with stories of those who are already succeeding in this new world of IT. Our aim is to show you how to progress from the basics of business to effectively utilizing all the tools that the online world has to offer all with the aim of generating you more profit and helping grow your business. If you want to learn how to compete more effectively in the new paradigm of the cloud, if you want to learn the secrets of business success in the online world, if you are looking to benefit from the experience and support of others, if you want to learn from the best in the business and most importantly, if you are looking to be inspired to take your business to new levels then this is the podcast for you.

We’d really love you to subscribe and most importantly to leave comments and feedback in iTunes so that we can improve the shows rankings and get it out to a wider audience.

Of course we always welcome your direct feedback, good and bad, to

Enjoy the first episode and subscribe for upcoming episodes.

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