Some Office 365 training resources

With the plethora of material becoming available for Office 365 I thought I’d add a few links of some stuff I found recently that looks useful. Unfortunately, I haven’t as yet worked my way through it, but I will. In the meantime, it is not really worthwhile keeping all of that to myself so here it is:
Office 365 Ignite training
Cloud Sales Training – SMB Partners
Office 2013 / Office 365 – System Integrator
Office 365 – Business decision Maker/Sales and Marketing/IT Professional
SharePoint 2013 training for IT Professionals

5 thoughts on “Some Office 365 training resources

  1. Thanks for sharing Rob. I am on the lookout for some training material on Office 365. Perfect timing. Keep the blogs posts going. They are much appreciated.Robert DelVecchio


  2. Thanks for the content Robert as I haven't seen some of it. Microsoft Virtual Academy – You've mentioned it before and I'll mention it again as it was quite helpful in gaining insight into the O365 system.I've had quite a bit of practical O365 experience in the SMB market and it helped me fill in some theory gaps to pass the 74-324 exam.JB.


  3. Yeah Microsoft Virtual Academy for Office 365 is basically just the JumpStart videos. Doesn't offer a great deal of additional content for me. However, the Academy overall is a great resource and ANY IT Pro should get right into it.I'll keep posting resources as I find themThanksRobert


  4. Absolutely correct, MVA is a good baseline but as you've highlighted with a well deserved plug the continually revised content explaining how/why/what the system is/can be used for is key to giving business value out of the product offering.Hopefully with the advent of the new Wave 15 of O365 they'll release some new content on MVA.JB.


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