Getting Started with SharePoint 2013 eBook

My final eBook for 2012 is now available in a variety of formats.



This book helps novice users understand the basic usage and operation of SharePoint 2013. It examines the following basic components of SharePoint: Documents, Calendars, Tasks, Picture Libraries, Recycle Bin and Search. The reader will be taken through a tutorial process on how to use each item. Much has changed since previous versions of SharePoint, however there are still some similarities. As such, this book may still provide some insight into the basics of older versions of SharePoint. It will show you how to start interacting with SharePoint 2013 so it can be put to use in your business as well as provide a number of resources for continuing familiarity with SharePoint 2013.


This booked is aimed at users who have never used SharePoint and is only $1.99 and available in PDF, ePub and Kindle formats.


The best place to pick a copy of this and other title from the CIAOPS is at the Publications page at –, however most titles are also available from Lulu and Amazon.

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