Foundation 2013 Search challenges

This was going to be a post about the fact that I managed to get Search working on SharePoint Foundation 2013, and I did have it working. Honest. The initial issue I experienced seemed to either be the fact that I had accidentally installed SharePoint Foundation 2013 on the member server as a local (rather than a domain) administrator or that the times on the workstation and the server were too different. Whatever it was I did have it working.


That was until I powered up the machines (server and members server) to get some screen shots of it all working. Problem is now it does again! I also noticed the the SharePoint machine was really, really slow and when I took a look at the resources I saw:




From this you can see how much memory and processing is being consumed by SharePoint Search alone! Wow. You are doing to need more hardware grunt of you are planning to implement SharePoint Foundation 2013 from what I can see.


Now admittedly  I am only running this on a virtual machine for testing purposes but I can tell you I didn’t have these issues with SharePoint Foundation 2010! The more I work with Foundation 2013 the more I am beginning to dislike it. Don’t get me wrong, I love SharePoint 2013 but getting this blighter to work is proving very, very difficult. I certainly hope others aren’t seeing these issues. Another reason to focus on Office 365 in my books.


The positive thing, when I did get SharePoint search working, was that SharePoint Foundation 2013 now incorporates all the features of Search Server Express (obviously the reason why there is no more stand alone Search Server Express product). It also includes the ability to index PDF documents WITHOUT the need to install separate iFilters.


Now, if I could only show you that actually working but as I said, when I booted the machines backup SharePoint search no longer worked on Foundation 2013. Back to the drawing board yet again.

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