CIAOPS SharePoint and Office 365 Guide available on monthly plan


I am pleased to announce that the CIAOPS SharePoint and Office 365 Guide is now available on a month by month payment plan of $ 30 p.m. (excluding any applicable taxes). To receive the Guide in this manner you will need to complete an application, agree to a minimum initial 12 month subscription as well as provide your credit card details (as all billing on this plan is done via credit card).


Please note that the pay by the month plan is for a minimum initial period of at least 12 months and does not receive any anniversary or referral discounts.


You can still elect to purchase the Guide on an annual basis of $299 and receive all the benefits if you want.


Don’t forget that the Guide is not a static product, content is being added every month. Amongst other things, this month will bring a set of over 70 practice exam questions for the 74-324 Administering Office 365 for SMB exam. For more information about the Guide visit

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