More SharePoint videos

I’ve just completed 2 new SharePoint videos that are available on YouTube.


The first video is a 10 minute preview of the 30+ minute Getting Started with SharePoint Online for Enterprises. It provides the basics you need to start using SharePoint Online via Office 365 E 3 plan. This video’s companion is Getting Started with SharePoint Online for Small Business which is also available on YouTube.


The second video called “SharePoint to the Cloud” is a replication of a presentation I recent gave. It provides a basic overview of SharePoint and especially the options that are available in the cloud, particularly when it comes to Office 365. That video is about 38 minutes and hopefully will answer a few questions people may have about SharePoint in general.


Remember, there are lots of other videos on my channels:




and I welcome any feedback you might on these or any topics you’d like to see covered in a video. Feel free to email me directly (

One thought on “More SharePoint videos

  1. I was used to read video and blogs of SharePoint as SharePoint development has actually been my task for a while now. Now I am creating videos and blog of SharePoint as Creating SharePoint solutions is among the job that I have overcome and has delivered me with much more clients globally.


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