Getting started with Companyweb 2010

About 2 years ago I produced a document called ‘Getting started with companyweb’ that covered a basic tutorial on SharePoint on SBS 2008. I made that available for download as well as viewing on Slideshare. Since then the document has been viewed or downloaded at least 20 times a day, which is amazing to me.

Now that SBS 2011 Standard is available with SharePoint Foundation 2010 I figured that it is about time to update the document. So now you’ll find ‘Getting started with companyweb 2010’ available for download and again via Slideshare.

Subscribers of my SharePoint Guide will find a copy both companyweb documents that they can edit, re-brand and extend. This will allow them to get something to their customers, on their own letterhead, that’ll get them up and running with SharePoint on SBS quickly.

Look out for the soon to be released video companions for both of these documents as we know that people don’t like reading any more!

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