Another health warning

There are so many reasons why being obese is bad. There are even more reasons why being obese the older you become is really bad but here is yet another reason. A recent article ‘Midlife obesity linked to dementia’ points out:

it now appears that excess fat in middle age may be extremely harmful over the long term


Mr Rees said health policies needed to promote the message that a healthy lifestyle not only reduced the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer but also improved brain health.

but isn’t most of the population become more obese (at least in developed countries)? Have a look around at the people that you know, ask them what they doing about maintaining a ‘healthy lifestyle’. I’ll almost bet that every one of them simply shrugs their shoulders as says they don’t have enough time. Hmmm…by not taking action now they are definitely ensuring they don’t have enough time.

Without good health you can’t do much, yet few (in my experience) actually do anything to promote it. Seems to me like they are already experiencing signs of dementia. It is never too late to start, so do it today. Make your own health a priority, because it is the simplest way you can improve so many aspects of your life.

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