SharePoint on Aurora

Given that SBS Aurora doesn’t include Exchange or SharePoint the first question I had was, could you actually install SharePoint Foundation 2010 on SBS Aurora? The reason for my questions is that, at this point, SharePoint 2010 is not available in BPOS (it will be soon). So what if you were busting for SharePoint 2010 on SBS Aurora?


The good news is that in my testing you can install SharePoint Foundation 2010 just like normal. You firstly need to make sure a version of SQL is installed on the server. I used SQL Express 2008 R2 (which has a 10GB limit). I then installed SharePoint Foundation 2010.




The files copied across as expected.




You have to create a new farm and connect to the SQL database you have already installed but that is straight forward.




Next the SharePoint Configuration wizard runs.




You then run the setup wizard and bingo you have SharePoint Foundation 2010 running on SBS Aurora.

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