SBS Aurora beta install

Now that SBS Aurora beta is out thought I’d take you through an install.




Yep, new install please.




Yep use the only disk in the system and blow it away.




Hmmm..looks a lot like stuff I’ve seen before, i.e. copying, expanding, installing etc.




Would be nice if the completing installation gave you a percentage complete like the previous components did. My initially install got hung up and I reset here and it didn’t like that at all. Maybe it was because my SBS 2008 machine was also running. So I shut down the SBS 2008 box and started again.




I live on this big island the South Pacific called Australia where we speak the English (Australian) dialect but we still use US keyboards. I don’t understand but it does work (generally).




Sure I read it all before I accepted it (honest, cross my heart).




How do they come up with these keys? Surely they must have run out by now?




Not very original here but make sure you don’t duplicate something that already existing on your network!




Need a complex password as usual. I’m getting good at these now.




Hmmm…I think pressing the BIG green icon at the top is best.




More waiting. I wonder what it is doing? I wish I knew.




Needed a reboot, so it did it all by itself. How grown up!




Still preparing my server. Maybe I should have called the machine MasterChef?




More ‘Please wait’ screens. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Please tell what you are doing, I’m a big boy. I can handle it.




Ahhhhhh…green tick, must be all good now.




And here’s the desktop, not surprisingly it looks like Windows 7.




Here’s the dashboard. Plenty to click to keep me busy for the next few days.




Not much in the start menu anymore.




But still plenty in the Administrative tools. Still opportunity for mischief. Yeah!


Initial Observations (that I can see anyway):


– No networking options during installation

– No disk partitioning options

– 64 bit OS (course de jour these days)

– Some interesting partition and disk mappings that need further investigation


Now how do I connect this sucker to the cloud? More updates soon.

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