CIAOPS BPOS Portal now live



You are looking at the homepage of the new CIAOPS BPOS Portal. The portal is a SharePoint site containing everything you’ll need to know about Microsoft Business Productivity Online (BPOS). In there you’ll find links to media stories on BPOS, documents from Telstra and Microsoft, a calendar of webcasts and other BPOS events, marketing material, tutorial videos, templates, links, software download and more all in one place.


The best thing about the portal is that subscribers can also contribute information and have it published to the site. This means that the volume of information on the site will continue to grow as the number of subscribers grows. Combined with the ability of everything on the site to be searchable it makes finding the information you need about BPOS simple. The portal is supported and maintained by the CIAOPS as well.


Here’s a screen shot of some of the existing knowledge based articles.




So what’s the cost? For people who already subscribe to the Windows SharePoint Operations Guide ( it is a free addition. For those who aren’t the portal only costs $10 per month.


So how do you subscribe? You make a payment via credit card or by contacting me ( to arrange other payment methods.


If you are interested in Microsoft BPOS and want a central location for information then go no further than the new CIAOPS BPOS portal, you may also learn how powerful SharePoint is a collaboration tool!

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