One of the things that they ‘teach’ people about sales is that you need to A.B.C., that is Always Be Closing. It is the stuff of legendary sales people as these videos demonstrate:

Glengarry Glen Ross – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TROhlThs9qY

Boiler room – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIT_RMHwCEU


However, I believe that what a successful business or person does is A.B.D., that is Always Be Delivering.


I can’t tell you the number of people who I come across that are always promising this and promising that but basically never deliver. Many are serial offenders to a point now where their reputation (at least with me) is totally shot. I hate unreliable people because it means that if I need their input on something, typically their inability to deliver the goods reflects poorly on me and that I won’t stand for. I can certainly understand something happening occasionally to prevent this but when it happens constantly they leave me no option but to shy away from asking them for anything.


They however remain constantly ‘selling’ me on what they can offer. They constantly believe they are ‘closing’ me but I can tell you that failing to deliver just doesn’t cut it. I’ll believe your pitch once but I’m certainly unlikely to be as foolish twice if you fail to deliver.


Better that you concentrate on ‘delivering’ on your promises and demonstrating that you can produce the results. If I want something I don’t usually care how it gets done I just care that it gets done. I just care that what you promised is delivered. If it isn’t then I am going to be let down and disappointed. As a result of this, not only am I unlikely to believe you again I am going to tell quite a few people (by maybe writing a blog post like this).


Good businesses and people are all about delivering not just closing. I can assure you that the deal isn’t complete until the other party has what they asked and maybe paid for. So forget talking big about always closing, refocus on actually delivering on what you promise. That earns you a hell of a lot more respect from the people who pay your bills – the customer. It tells them that you respect them and their business enough to provide what they asked for.

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