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A while back I was converted to the HUGE benefits of OneNote. Linked with SharePoint it is an absolutely awesome product. I recently published a document that shows you how to create a free shared OneNote notebook using Office Live Small Business. Now comes news of the soon to be released OneNote 2010 available with the new Office 2010. I’ve just been reading David Rasmussen’s blog and wanted to highlight these additions:


With OneNote 2010 we’ve added:


Sync to Cloud (Windows Live): Your notebooks sync and are available anywhere from any machine. Of course this is in addition to all the existing ways you can sync notebooks (file shares, SharePoint, USB drives etc.)


OneNote Web App: You can access and edit your entire notebook from a browser. Even on a machine that doesn’t have OneNote installed.


OneNote Mobile: A more complete OneNote version for Windows Mobile phones. Syncs whole notebooks. Syncs directly to the cloud. No need to tether your device. Richer editing support.

Note: The above are not yet available in the Tech Preview unfortunately. We’re still finishing some integration work for sync to Windows Live.

There are heaps of great improvements and I recommend that you take a look at this post from David to get the full run down.


I have also learnt that OneNote is going to available in EVERY version of Office 2010! This is absolutely BLOODY BRILLIANT in my opinion. My understanding of the upcoming versions of Office 2010 are:


Office Home and Student edition includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote.


Office Home and Business edition replaces the previous Office Small Business edition. It includes all the programs from the Home and Student edition and adds Outlook.

Office Standard is the entry-level enterprise edition; it includes the programs from the Home and Business edition and adds Publisher.


Office Professional continues to be the high-end package for consumers and small businesses. It includes the programs in Standard edition and adds the Access database management program.


Office Professional Plus is the high-end enterprise offering, adding SharePoint Workspace (formerly Groove Workspace) and InfoPath.


Much simpler than what we had before I reckon.


So with OneNote 2010 you are going to get the ability to sync with the cloud as well as viewing through a web browser. That alone is worth the upgrade to me but when you throw in everything else OneNote is now offering I reckon it is going to be THE product that drives adoption of Office 2010. If you haven’t looked at OneNote I’d suggest you get up to speed now because it is going to HUGE.

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