Big lights city

There is no place in the world like Las Vegas. If you have never been there and you get the opportunity I’d say go and take a look. Sure it can be tacky, sleazy and money grubbing but man you just gotta admire what they’ve managed to build in the desert there. If you can’t find something to enjoy about Las Vegas then you just ain’t trying.

This year the SMB Nation Fall 2009 has moved from Seattle to Las Vegas and I’m happy to say that I’ve been asked to make a return visit to speak on SharePoint again. The conference runs from Oct 2 to 4 at the Riviera Hotel and Casino. I appreciate the opportunity SMB Nation and Harry Brelsford has again given me to not only attend but also speak.

So what’s my topic? The title is “So you’ve got SharePoint now what?” and it is a look at how you can extend the capabilities and features of a plain vanilla SharePoint to maximize returns. The opportunity for resellers is that using the right tools you can extend SharePoint and really stand out from the crowd. It seems to me that everyone talks about the opportunities SharePoint provides but no one really seems to do anything about it. My presentation will show you how to make your SharePoint skills and installations a truly unique business selling proposition so you can take advantage of the huge opportunity there exists in the SharePoint space.

Since October is still a little way off I love to hear any feedback you may have on what you reckon should be or could be presented. I know what I want to present but I always find that any presentation improves when it receives input. So by all means feel free to get in contact with me ( and let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

The other thing that I am really looking forward to (apart from the other great content at SMB Nation) is catching up with many of the people I met last year. Even if we have never met and you’d like to catch up for a discussion on SharePoint or my opinion on the ‘new world order’ then again feel free to drop me an email ( and we can hook up. The first drink’s on me!

Like I did last year, I’ll be making all the information available on my presentation via slideshare so you can review it at your leisure. However, that won’t happen until well after the completion of the conference so if you have some input for me, now is the time.

Luckily, I have been to Vegas before but even then I know that will have changed significantly since my last visit. I can’t wait to check out all the new casinos and attractions that have gone up in this playground in the desert. If you are thinking about attending then I encourage you to do so because not only is the content fantastic but you’ll also meet some great people from all around the world who all have something to offer that can improve your business. When I look at my experiences from last year I know that it helped mine and I look forward to that even more so this year.

Come and join me at SMB Nation Fall 2009. As I said, the first drink’s on me.

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