Getting started with Companyweb

I have made available a free e-Book I created called “Getting started with Companyweb”. It provides a step by step guide to getting started with Windows SharePoint on Small Business Server 2008 (SBS 2008). It is particularly aimed at those who have no familiarity with Windows SharePoint at all but maybe using SBS 2008 without even realizing the fantastic tool that comes with the software.


It also contains links to other documentation and some of the better online videos so that readers can extend their knowledge beyond what I simply presented in the document. The e-Book is available as a free download in PDF format from


Subscribers to my Windows SharePoint Operations Guide ( will receive a copy of the e-Book in format in which they can rebrand for their business and make available for their customers. I plan to makes more of such guides available to resellers for rebranding, which is another great reason to subscribe to my SharePoint Guide.


If you have any feedback on the e-Book please let me know via

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