Courses this term

In conjunction with Macquarie Community College I’m happy to announce the list of courses that I’ll be offering in the next term.


309M293 – Improve your Technology Skills (Thursday September 10 2009 9.30am – 4pm)


Technology is a critical requirement of most positions these days. This course will help improve your technology skills and make you more valuable to any employer. Get hands-on experience with technologies such as YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, blogging, Twitter and Internet search engines and learn how to use them to improve your job prospects.


309M301 & 309C103 – Networking Basics (2 locations and times)


Gain the knowledge and confidence to set up your own computer network at home or work. Learn the fundamentals of networking two or more machines, as well as many of the technologies that comprise the Internet. We look at IP addressing, protocols such as TCP, routers, switches, firewalls, security and more. This course combines practical hands-on training as well as seminar based content.


309M297 – Networking with Small Business Server (3 sessions starting Thursday August 27, 7-9 pm)


Small Business Server is growing in popularity, and our expert trainer will clearly demonstrate its benefits. You will learn how to install and manage SBS, plus gain critical insight into security, backup, internet access and general network management issues. Highly beneficial if you have network systems and want to enhance your management of the technology.


309M299 – Wireless Networking (2 sessions starting Thursday September 17, 7-9pm)


This course will provide an overview of the technologies available, and the benefits and downfalls of what wireless has to offer. See practical demonstrations of the installation of wireless networks and receive valuable information about setting up your own wireless network – whether for home or business – so that you can get it right.


309M291 – Do Email Less (Friday, August 28, 9.30am – 4pm)


Email is an important tool, however if used incorrectly it can be the source of frustration, anxiety and lost productivity. Ask yourself, have you ever been trained how to use email effectively? Chances are you never have. This course will show you how to configure your email programs to obtain the maximum benefit from them.


309M295 – Everything Google (Thursday 13 August, 9.15am – 3.15pm)


Google is now so much more than a search engine. It allows you to create custom calendars, schedules and to do lists. You can create and store documents that you can access from anywhere. You can also use it as your primary email account. There are maps and street views of just about everywhere. This course will show you how to use all these tools to enhance your online workflow.


To for more information on any of these courses or to enrol simply visit I hope to see you there.

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