New subscriber benefit

I am happy to announce that all subscribers to my Windows SharePoint Operations Guide will now receive a free supported hosted SharePoint site for testing and demonstration purposes. There are limitations on the account but it is designed to give subscribers the ability to learn about SharePoint v3 with direct email support from myself.


Subscribers may also elect to use their site as a way to demonstrate the benefits of SharePoint to their clients and businesses while all the time receiving direct email support from myself. It will also give subscribers a better feel for the performance and limitations of hosted SharePoint solutions.


I also take the opportunity to clarify that the Windows SharePoint Operations Guide is not merely a book. It is firstly access to a vast body of information about SharePoint that continues to be updated regularly. It is access to a DVD containing downloads, documents, videos, programs and more all focused on SharePoint that again is updated regularly. It also provides email support from myself around issues concerning SharePoint. And now the subscription also includes a supported SharePoint site with more additions coming very soon.


The benefits of subscription continue to grow.

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