Feedback is in

So I got the ‘official’ feedback from my presentation at SMBNation in October.




From the above results I’m glad to say that the vast majority of attendees were very positive on what was presented which certainly makes me happy I provided something that was relevant, applicable and interesting. You just never know doing something like SMBNation for the first time. On the other hand all these good results may have been due to the fact that I bribed everyone at the start of the session with free beer if they gave me high marks. Hmmm…So I’ll look at this as a glass half full situation and say that either I’m a good speaker or a good marketer.

Some other general comments included:

– Best presentation I attended– Great presentation.
– This was without a doubt the BEST presentation I attended. Bring him back next year!!
– Great presentation.
– Right on the mark.
– **Excellent SBS speaker–real sales opportunities
– Well done!
– Excellent!!!

 – Add a more technical track to show…nuts & bolts for some of the integration points.
– Not technical track material!! Would only recommend speaker to a colleague if in the business track.


I have to agree with these last two points. Firstly, I would have loved to do a more nuts and bolts examination of SharePoint and I did propose that as a topic at SMBNation but it didn’t get a run. In the end the event organizer goes with what they think is the most appealing and ‘nuts & bolts SharePoint’ didn’t appeal. Oh well, maybe next year on that score.


I totally agree with the second comment here about my presentation not being purely “technical” and must admit I was very concerned when my topic was flagged in the technical track upon receiving my program. I was so concerned that I contacted SMBNation directly to see whether I needed to change the content. I suppose we both took a risk running with what I had but in the end it appears the majority of people got value, so I can ask for no more.


In response to the last two comments and the one person who gave the presentation a negative result, I will keep trying to offering pure technical sessions on SharePoint at events as well trying to ensure they are categorized correctly in the future.


Remember, if you want a copy of my presentation from SMBNation you can download it from:


To everyone who took the time to complete their feedback I say thank you and I obviously owe you a beer!

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