What do you get in return?

I’ve been doing some thinking about the growth in mobile devices that allow you to not only accept phone calls but also emails. There is little doubt that these devices provide those calling or sending you direct unparalleled access to your time but let me ask what do you get in return?

Think about the ability of these devices to allow interruption to your time whenever they ring or go ‘ding – you’ve got mail’. How do you handle these demands on your time? Most people I know stop what they are doing immediately and take the call or read the email. Is this productive use of your time? Is it helping you get things done? In most cases I doubt it.

What is more precious time or money? Time. Why? Because you can never get more of it but you can always get more money. Think about the people who have access to your time right now. Right at this very moment. Who can demand you attention immediately? Does this align with the way you want it? If not then you only have yourself to blame and the method by which you allow people to gain that access is perhaps something you need to examine.

Everyone only has a limited amount of time and attention they can allocate. How you allocate this says a lot about how much you will achieve your goals. Don’t fool yourself into believing that being ‘more connected’ saves your time, the reality could be very different if you stop and take a look.

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