Remote Web Workplace failing to login

So before leaving the client we just upgraded to SBS2003 Service Pack we checked everything we could think of, and it all worked.
Well we get a call the following day saying that Remote Web Workplace was allowing users to log in but then logging them directly out again before they could choose which computer they wanted to connect to remotely.
When we checked we didn’t find a problem using our login. When we used the users credentials to login to Remote Web Workplace we were logged straight out. Strange.
So we checked the user rights on the server for remote access and nothing had changed. Next stop Google, from which we found the following article:
Turns out that during our updates the Remote Web Workplace web site had “somehow” been switch across to using ASP.NET version 2.
So we logged back into the server and opend the IIS manager via Start | All Programs | Administrative tools | Internet Information Server. From here we selected the default web site and located the Remote site underneath. Right mouse clicked and selected Properties. Here we found a tab heading ASP.NET. Sure enough the current setting was version 2 not version 1. We pulled down the options and selecet ASP.NET version 1. Note that by doing this you lose access if you are using RWW to access the server.
Now it all works fien again. Strange eh? must be something to do with user rights and ASP.NET V2.0. Main thing is that it all works now and the client can continue working remotely (on a weekend – Why? I ask).

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