Windows Small Business Server Service Pack 1 has encountered an error

Ok, so why are we getting this error if Service Pack 1 for SBS 2003 has been out for years? Well, believe it or not some people haven’t even installed it! Why, because they aren’t technical people and their previous IT people didn’t believe in Service Packs.
So, it’s time to roll up the sleeves and install this sucker. Everything seemed to be goin rather well until we received the following error during the installation of the final component of the SBS 2003 service pack :
Windows Small Business Server Service Pack 1 has encountered an error. For more information review the most recent entry in the setup error log c:\program files\microsoft integration\windows small business server 2003\logs\setup.log. Then correct the error and run Service Pack 1 again.
You can then click to open the log, which we did. Inside the th log we noted the following :
An error occurred while installing Microsoft Office Outloook 2003 (SP1). Rerun the setup and retry installaing Outlook.
Ok, why is this happening. Again, after a bit of Googling and troubleshooting it appears that the previous IT people deleted the entire \Clientapps folder to create space as Exchange Server information stores increased. So without the \Clientapps\outlook2003 folder and an msi inside guess what you get an error!.
You probably don’t need to rerun the installation just to over come this problem if Outlook is operational on the desktops. It would also appear that this error happens if you have relocated the \clientapps directory to another drive on the machine. This can be overcome by making changes to the registry to tell SBS 2003 where each \clintapp folder is.
Handy hint – before running SBS 2003 SP1 check to whether the entire \clientapps directories exist and that their location in the registry is correct.

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