Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Free Cloud Business Blueprint webinars back


With everything that has been happening lately we’ve missed a few of our free Cloud Business Blueprint ‘Ask Us’ Webinars. But fear not, we have scheduled or final one for 2014:

Date: Thursday December 11, 2014
Time : 12.30pm

On the webinar I’ll be providing an update of everything new and updated in Office 365 (and there has been plenty) as well a peek into more Azure ‘stuff’ if time permits. There should also be time to get into some demos and do some Q & A.

The session will be recorded for our Cloud Business Blueprint community and posted to the discussion forums for on-demand viewing. If you are not yet part of the community then you can join for a low per month subscription, with no lock in period. Just pay month to month and cancel anytime with no questions asked,

for access to previous recording, peer forums, on demand training, re-brandable content, worksheets, checklists and more.

Of course, if you want to see a particular topic covered during the session drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do to squeeze it into the schedule.

I hope to see you on the webinar.

Need to Know podcast–Episode 63

This to me is very interesting episode because in it I speak with Greg Plum from around the opportunities Lync in Office 365 provides.

As many know, I have always been very, very positive about what functionality Lync can provide and the opportunity it offers for IT resellers to with customers. One of the major missing pieces in the SMB space has been the easy integration with traditional phone systems. This is where Greg and his business can help. He is able to provide that quickly and easily.

To me this is a HUGE value add to Office 365 and something everyone should take heed of because the concept of unified communications is rapidly being adopted by all businesses, and Office 365 makes that even easier.

Sit back, listen and enjoy. I think you’ll get a lot out of this episode. You can find the episode here:

or subscribe to this and all episodes in iTunes at:

I am also pleased top announce that the podcast is now available on Stitcher at:

Of course, I’d love to hear what you think of this episode or any others. Also, if you are interested in being a guest on the show to discuss business or technical topics also feel free to contact me (

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sydney SharePoint Saturday–I’m speaking


In sunny ole Sydney this Saturday (29th November 2014)? Fancy a bit of SharePoint luvin’? If so why don’t you head along to SharePoint Saturday at:

13/60 Margaret St, Sydney

from 9am. Full details and registrations at:

if you do you’ll discover a whole days worth of content specifically around SharePoint. I’ll be speaking about OneDrive in the afternoon so I’d love to see you at my session.

If you are planning to attend the day drop me a line and let me know so I can say hi!

I still firmly believe that SharePoint represents the greatest opportunity for SMB IT resellers and is something they need to be familiar with at the very least. For customers SharePoint provides a way to streamline and manage their information much better and likewise is not something that should be dismissed.

Thus, in summary, no matter who you are, you should come to Sydney SharePoint Saturday. There is something for everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2014

My presentation from Infrastructure Saturday

I was lucky enough to present on Office 365 ‘stuff’ at the recent Infrastructure Saturday event in Brisbane.

You can download a PDF copy of the deck from:

The session was pretty interactive so there aren’t many slides, but if you wanted a copy you can now download it.

How Does “The Cloud” Affect the MSP Business?–Full wrap

A while back I wrote a post about an interview I did with Bigger MSP around the future of the managed services business in the cloud era.

That was the first in a series of interviews with some very smart and experienced people in the SMB IT industry. So, for your viewing pleasure here they all are for you, starting with yours truly:

I thank Chip Reeves from Bigger MSP for the opportunity to be part of this fantastic project.

Let me know what you think from the panel of expert here. I particularly like what Jay McBain has to say, so be sure to watch that video!

Need to Know podcast–Episode 62

Tas Gray from AxiomIT is back for another episode focused on Office 365. We cover a range of announcements that Microsoft recently made as well as some discussion about Office 365 adoption.

To listen to the episode visit:

or subscribe to this and all episodes in iTunes at:

I am also pleased top announce that the podcast is now available on Stitcher at;

If you are interested in being a guest on the show to discuss business or technical topics please contact me (

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Office 365 RDS questions answered

The Garage series has done a nice summary around Office desktop applications from Office 365 on Remote Desktops. A lot of this was also contained in an earlier blog post of mine which I recommend you review:

The major point to remember here is that they are talking about Office Pro Plus via Office 365 which is ONLY available via Enterprise plans (Office Pro Plus Stand alone, E3 and E4) per the following site:


Office via the Office 365 SMB plans (Business and Business Premium) is NOT Office Pro Plus (because it no longer includes things like Access).

The great things is that the Remote Desktop capability can be used on a variety of platforms (including Remote App from Azure) and is now much easier to install and deploy than it ever was. However, remember it is NOT available if you purchase the new Office 365 SMB plans. As I always say, this is another key reason to only go with Enterprise Office 365 plans. However, another benefit of modern Office 365 plans is that you can mix and match between SMB and Enterprise plans in the same tenant as required.