Thursday, July 20, 2017

July Webinar Resources

My latest webinar is complete. You can now download the slides from:

If you are not a CIAOPS patron you want to view or download a full copy of the video from the session you can do so here:

We focused on the various methods you can use in Office 365 to share information with those outside your business. Everything from email attachments to Yammer we spent time on. Thanks everyone for attending

you can also now get access to all webinars via:

for a nominal fee.

See you next month.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Office 365 supervision policies


One of the really great things about Office 365 is it’s compliance features. Here’s one you may not know about.

Navigate to the Security and Compliance center after logging into your tenant as an administrator with appropriate rights. From the menu on the left select Data Governance.

Then from the menu that appear select Supervision.


You’ll need to create a new policy which you’ll start by giving a Name and a Description.


Next, select which users in your tenant you want to supervise. That is, which users communications do you wish to monitor.


Next, select the monitoring direction, here I selected Inbound and Outbound. I also elected to Add a condition but you’ll also see there are lot of monitoring choices here form the pull down menu.


I decided that I want to monitor my users for the use of the word ‘bananna’ because I really want to know what the monkey’s are doing with my banannas. Yes, I spelt it in a special ‘unique’ way so I can trigger this condition deliberately for demos.


Next, I decided what level of communications I want to review. The default here is 10% and you’ll need to be careful about overloading yourself with too much to monitor. I set this to 100% in this case so I will always get a result (again for demo reasons).


Next, I enter the users who will review the material. Basically, these people will get access to the material to review which I’ll come to soon.


You review your settings and Finish to save and enforce the policy.


What Office 365 now does is effectively create a private shared mailbox that the reviewers can attach to and into which the material to review will be sent. They simply attach to this mailbox as they would any other shared mailbox. The details of this mailbox will be provided once the policy has been enabled.


As you can see, my reviewer can now attach to the supervisory shared mailbox and view any contents there. As you can see there is already a need to review an email that mentions the search term ‘bananna’. Those damm monkeys!

As I mentioned, Office 365 really has some great tool to monitor communication in your business. Take a look inside the Security and Compliance center to see options are available to you.

Monday, July 17, 2017

How to demo Office 365–My system


I’m happy to announce the release of my latest course – “How to Demonstrate Office 365” which you can find here:

The course contains over 15 video lessons, including downloadable material and course notes. Importantly, it gives you a framework you can use to effectively show people what Office 365 is about. It is not designed to give them a deep dive, it is designed to give them a taste of what Office 365 can do for their business in a structured and engaging manner.

I created the course because I saw so many people struggling to annunciate what Office 365 is and how it can be used to solve business pain points. The course gives you a method you can follow to present effectively every time. It show you how to prepare and target your material and what to actually show. If you are a reseller of Office 365 this is going to improve your conversions, and that means more opportunity for you.

The secret of success is to use a system, and that is what I have created for you in this course. I have also included the option for a one on one coaching session where you can show me how you present Office 365 and I’ll provide you feedback and tips on how to improve further. All of this included for the low cost of US$99.

Sign up today and start presenting Office 365 better.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

A few new SharePoint Online settings

If you haven’t already noticed, there are a few additional options in SharePoint admin center settings. You get there by going to the Office 365 admin centre.


On the left hand side at the bottom expand the Admin centers option like so:


Select SharePoint.


From the menu that appears on the left select Settings.

A couple options you may wish to check and set here.


Recommended to ensure that the Sync client for SharePoint is set to Start the new client so you ensure users get the most update to date version of the OneDrive for Business sync client when syncing data to their local machines.


If you had a tenant that included the old SharePoint external public web site you’ll see that you have the option to extend it’s life until the 31st of March 2018. I’m happy to have my one delete so I’m leaving the setting as is.


Interestingly, I can’t change the Global Experience Version Settings option and it is set to Prevent creation of new site collections. I assume this means that when you create a Site Collection now you only get the ‘modern’ experience. Can’t be changed for me so nothing I can do here but it may become available down the track.


Today, you typically get an Office 365 Group when you create a Team Site but you’ll see here that you can control that option if you want. You can also determine where the new sites are created.


The Access app is being retired, here you can control whether users can still use it to create new Access apps in your site collections.

There are lots of additional options on the Settings page so make any changes you want and then select Save at the bottom of the page to updates these for your environment. Also, don’t forget to come back regularly and check to see whether any new options have been added.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Need to Know podcast–Episode 158

An episode full of Microsoft Cloud news and what's going on in places like the Microsoft Inspire conference currently underway in Washington DC. We cover off news on some recent layoff at Microsoft, the recent announcement of Microsoft 365 as well as plenty of what's been happening with both Azure and Office 365. Listen in to get the latest.

Take a listen and let us know what you think -

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Azure news from Marc

Introducing Microsoft 365

New apps for Office 365 Business Premium

Workplace analytics

New Word and PowerPoint online viewing experience

Job cuts at Microsoft

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Thursday, July 13, 2017



In a recent article I wrote about how Findtime was under going a transition. Maybe, this is part of that change?

If you navigate to:

and sign up (you may need to wait to be accepted) using your Office 365 account you’ll be able to use Cortana intelligence to handle your meetings.



As you can see by the handy introduction message I received when I was approved, you simply CC the Cortana email address and allow the bot to take care of everything.

This is even better than find time because the bot takes care of all of the interactions with the other parties. is still in preview but go, sign up and give it a whirl. I think you’ll find it something as helpful as Findtime, if not more. I also expect it to improve over time, so stay tuned for further updates.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Changes for Findtime


One of the best Outlook add-ins and a great service from Microsoft was Findtime. It basically allowed you to easily schedule meetings amongst multiple people, within and outside Office 365.


If you however visit Findtime today and try and sign up you’ll be greeted with the above message.

Basically, if you are a new user you can no longer sign up to Findtime. However, if you are an existing user of the service you’ll still be supported.

Although it says that FindTime will continue to be supported and that there will be some exciting news soon, I hope it won’t be too long, otherwise FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) will start to creep in about the future of FindTime.