My Stuff 2023

This post is my annual post aimed at bringing the links to everything I have out there on the Internet together into a single place. Here we go.

About me

Social Media

Free Stuff

Regular technical and business information, tutorials, walk throughs, learnings, upcoming courses and more.

Here you’ll find currently almost 200 videos full of tutorials on SharePoint, Office 365, Azure and technology.

Presentations and whitepapers for free download.

Documentation for older versions of SharePoint on premises, especially the free versions and those that came with SBS.

Cloud lecture series is a set of free tutorials, training session and so on that I have provided over the years:

I have number of free GitHub repositories that include things like PowerShell scripts, pricing calculators, reference documents, helpful links and more. You will find all these at:

With over 293 episodes and now in it’s 13th year my podcast focuses on providing you news and updates from the Microsoft Cloud around Microsoft 365 and Azure.

You can subscribe using iTunes or Stitcher. If you’d like to be a guest or know someone who would, please let me know.

Need to Know webinars are held monthly and announced on my blog. These are conducted using Microsoft Teams.

and subscribe to previous and upcoming webinar recordings and resources here:

My free Teams shared channel you are welcome to join. To do so follow the instruction here: 

here you’ll find a forum on the Microsoft Cloud.

Commercial stuff

This stuff helps pay for free stuff above so I appreciate your support for my paid work.

Access to the CIAOPS community for technical support, product discounts and access to the best Office 365 and Azure information

For end user focused training on Microsoft 365 services and applications:

Lots of courses on Microsoft 365, PowerShell, Azure, SharePoint and the like.

General Interest

This accounts sends a tweet to commemorate a significant dates from the Australian battles in France during World War 1.

I’m a big believer in supporting those who want to build their own business but just need a leg up to get started. Kiva is simply and easy way to provide this and I recommend this to everyone.

In 2022 I read over 45 books. That means I do a lot of reading on a variety of topics and with Goodreads you can follow along with the books I’m reading as well as those that I add to my bookshelf. I’ll have an upcoming post on my recommended reads, so watch out for that post coming soon.

  • Xbox gamer tag = director cia

I don’t play a whole lot these days, but when I do I typically play:

– Minecraft Dungeons

– Call of Duty

– Minecraft

If you ever need to send me stuff you can do so via the following address:

PO Box 5
Beecroft NSW 2119

My Bitcoin address is – bitcoin:bc1qwgcr296c7rtjvlpkv9yy5033qjgwwrvttxhtm7

My Ethereum address is – ethereum:0xD7cc991E1f84B625C3723D2965C9948238F5DFe8

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