Need to Know podcast–Episode 292

The editorial for this episode is an always controversial topic on backing up Microsoft/Office 365. I am going to highlight some of the facts that, unlike what some say, Microsoft does indeed backup customer data and you’ll find all the links in the show notes.

This is the last episode before Christmas so thanks to all listeners for their support and I wish everyone a happy and safe time over the holidays. No break here, and I’ll be back with the latest news and updates again soon.

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This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2022.

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Use Access policies to require multiple administrative approvals

Introducing enhanced company branding for sign-in experiences in Azure AD

Office 365 company branding requirements have changed

New Admin Center Unifies Azure AD with Other Identity and Access Products

New Layout Options for OneNote on Windows are coming soon

Introducing Microsoft Teams Premium

Announcing new removable storage management features on Windows

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps data protection series: Understand your data types

Microsoft Security Product Reviews: Give product feedback & get rewarded!


Revisiting some facts around Microsoft 365 backup

Do you need to backup Office 365?

Microsoft policy on backup (Sept 2022)

“Additionally, each service has established a set of standards for storing and backing up data, and securely deleting data upon request from the customer.”

The Essential 8 Security guidelines

Search essential 8

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