Turn on your Adoption Score


To enable the Microsoft Adoption Score navigate as an admin to:


and expand the Reports heading on the left. Under here you should now find an option called Adoption Score as shown above.


When you select this, you’ll see the above on the right if you have not enabled Adoption Score.

If not enabled, select the Enable Adoption Score button.


You should then see the message shown above letting you know that it takes about 24 hours for the data to start flowing into the dashboard.


After that period you should see data for your tenant like shown above.

As Adoption Score is not on by default I recommend that it is turned on for all tenants to help you get a better idea of how your organisation is taking advantage of the Microsoft Services. For more information see the Microsoft documentation:

Microsoft Adoption Score

but in short, turn it on and use it in conjunction with Secure Score.

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