Power Automate Azure Key Vault access inconsistencies

I’m in the process of building a Flow that connects to a Dataverse database inside a Microsoft Team. When you create this you get the ability to create Cloud Flows (aka Power Automate).


However, there is an issue when you try and use something like Azure Key Vault actions here.


In the above, you can see that I’m in my default Power Automate environment and the Get secret action of Azure Key Vault is accessible as expected and shows all the items I have inside the vault.


However, if I swap to another environment that was created as part of a Team (here an environment called Automation), you’ll see that I can add the Azure Key Vault action Get Secret but I no longer see the items inside that vault as I did before! I am using the same user in both cases.

It has clearly something to do with the connection,


which shows up as invalid as you can see above.


If I try and add a new connection, I see the above dialog but can’t make any changes or enter any information. Looks like I might need to investigate the Connect with a service principal option perhaps?

However, for now, there seems to be a limit when you use the Azure Key vault actions inside anything that is not the default environment for the Power Platform in your tenant. I will assume this is because these environments are limited to Microsoft Teams and have innate restrictions that I’ll need to find information on. If you know what this is, I’d love to hear from you.

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