Microsoft Whiteboard works on the web


Microsoft Whiteboard is an app that allows you to mimic what a physical whiteboard does, however being digital it has a number of advantages. One of these advantages is that it works on the web. To see this just visit:

and sign in with a Microsoft account. You can use your commercial Microsoft 365 account and have all the standard capabilities included.

In our current world of remote work I am finding Microsoft Whiteboard very handy. I really enjoy the ‘infinite’ canvas and the ability to export the output to a file, I typically use Whiteboard on a device like a Surface PC or iPad and share that back to the desktop on which I’m conducting my remote meeting. However, you can also easily share it with others in the company so you can all collaborate together.

The web version isn’t as full featured as the device app as yet but it is more than adequate for most I feel. if you work remotely and want to get your message across, make sure you take a look at Microsoft Whiteboard and now with a web version, nothing could be simpler!

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