A dedicated Microsoft Cloud Search engine


Recently, I have been working with the Microsoft AI tools typically provided via Azure. Personally, I don’t like the term “Artificial” when it comes to AI because I really don’t believe that it is truly ‘Artificial” as yet. I therefore far more prefer the term ‘Automated Intelligence’.

Terminology aside, I have been looking at where these new “AI” style technologies can be utilised effectively. One of most common questions I hear is finding ‘good’ information about Microsoft Cloud technologies. It is all there in traditional search engines but it gets mixed in with everything else. So what I have done is used Azure Search to configure a service at:


that only searches through links that I have provided. The idea is to provide a quality set of links from Microsoft and others that provides the best information about the Microsoft Cloud. The idea being is that you get all the benefits of traditional search engines, less the advertising and across a list of high quality but specific sites. Hopefully, that means the chance of you finding what you are looking for to be much higher and of a better quality.


When you search for an item, as shown above, it works exactly like any other search engine. It supports the same query syntax (AND, OR, INCLUDES:, etc) and will return you a list of results as shown above from the material that it indexes.

Of course, any search engine is only as good as the information that it crawls, and I continue to add sources on an ongoing basis. However, if you wish to suggest a URL to include in the CIA Search then you can do that via:


I’ll review each submission and all to the engine if it is of a high enough quality.

The more people that use the CIA Search the better it will become, so please share this with others whom you believe may receive benefit.

5 thoughts on “A dedicated Microsoft Cloud Search engine

  1. I need to know how to do this. I would love to create one for my clients that include our blog and specific training materials


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