Summary report on multiple tenants with the Microsoft Graph

In recent articles I’ve covered off how to add an Azure AD application to multiple tenants, then set the permissions and finally run a report all quickly and easily using automation. You’ll find all that here:

Reporting on multiple tenants with the Microsoft Graph

With those same Azure AD applications and permissions in place I have now developed a program that will provide you a summary report of emails, Teams, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint usage across multiple tenants, all WITHOUT the need to login to any of them!

You’ll find this program available at my GitHub repo here:

For it to execute you’ll have needed to completed the process I detailed earlier of creating an Azure AD application in every tenant and adding suitable permissions. When that is complete you can simply run the above program. The program will need to be downloaded into the same directory that the tenant configuration files are located and run from there.


When it runs, it will get the configuration files in the current directory and access each tenant in order. It will collect information via the Microsoft Graph and then report on emails (above),


Teams (above),


OneDrive for Business (above),


and SharePoint (above). It will do this for each user in each tenant, again without the need to login to the tenant.

Thus, you could use this report to run on a regular schedule and provide details on each of the tenants. because no login is required to the tenants you can do this whole process unattended!

There is lots more that can be done in this manner via the Microsoft Graph, so look out for more stuff I’ll be making available in the future.

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