Microsoft Defender App Guard issue

**** Update **** – Solution is here – Resolving Windows Application Guard issues

This article is bit different from most others. In this post I’ll be sharing a current issues I have with Defender Application Guard. If you have some suggestions of any additional troubleshooting, I’d love to hear, because currently, I’m not having much luck finding a solution.


The issue is that if I go into the new Edge browser and select a New Application Guard Window, I end up with:


WDAG Report – Container: Error: 0x80070013, Ext error: 0x00000001; RDP: Error: 0x00000000, Ext error: 0x00000000 Location: 0x00000000

I have tried the wdagtool command line tool with the following result:


I have also run a:

sfc /scannow

across my machine with no integrity issues.

If I dig into Event viewer | Application and services log | Microsoft  | Windows | WDAG-Manager, I see:


A Failure has occurred: HResult = The media is write protected., File = windows\hvsi\hvsimgr\container\hvsicontainer.cpp, LineNumber = 769, Function = NULL, Message = NULL, CallingContext = NULL, Module = hvsimgr.exe, Code = NULL

and in Event viewer | Application and services log | Microsoft  | Windows | WDAG-Service, I see:


Container service failed to start the container: The media is write protected.

I have the App Guard Service enabled in my Windows Features  as well.


I have tried:

  • Re-installing Windows
  • Re-running Windows install again
  • Removing all App Guard components, rebooting, reinstalling all the components again and rebooting
  • Installing Hyper V service
  • Installing Sandboxing Service

I am still trying to resolve this issue, and have tried quite a few knowledgeable people who haven’t had much luck either. So, if you have any suggestion of what may help, please let me know.

12 thoughts on “Microsoft Defender App Guard issue

  1. I have almost the exact same behaviour. Same error message too. The only difference is, I cannot even start Edge since I enforce Application Guard. So when I start Edge, Application Guard starts too. It loads to 50% then it crashed with the 0x80070013 error.


  2. Hi I am experience the same issue, I have enabled Application guard through Windows Intune Baseline security polices for Windows Defender ATP, I am running Windows 10 Enterprise with 1909 and using the new Chromium Edge and it opens but Application guard gets to 50% and crashed with the same error.


  3. I had a similar error and did the following

    -Deleted the Microsoft policies key from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft
    -WDAG started working
    -Did a gpupdate and it kept on working

    Might just have been random luck though…


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