MVP for 2019-20


I’m proud to say that Microsoft has graciously awarded me as a Most Valued Professional (MVP) for 2019 in the Office Servers and Services category. This makes it now eight awards in a row for me, which is very special and honouring. I thank Microsoft for this special award and acknowledge the responsibilities it entails.

However, this award is not possible without members of the community out there who take the time to do things like read my blog, watch my YouTube channel, attend events where I speak and more. Thanks everyone.

I’m committed to continuing to provide more information and insight into the fantastic products and services Microsoft creates. I can’t wait each day to see what new stuff Microsoft has brought us and how it can be implemented for users. With the rapid development rate in the cloud I am always amazed at all the new stuff that becomes available but it is really great to have that challenge of staying current.

Having attended my first MVP Summit this  year I’m looking forward to next year’s one so I can again visit Redmond and learn from Microsoft and fellow MVPs. Being an MVP is being part of a unique community of very dedicated and smart people who truly love to share their knowledge. I aim to live up to the example they set and continue to improve and grow. I congratulate all those who were also awarded for this year and look forward to seeing you at the MVP Summit in 2020.

But again, I thank Microsoft for this honour and will work hard to live up top the expectations it sets again for 2019-20 so I can make it nine years ins 2020!

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