Absorbing content from Ignite 2018

One of the biggest challenges with events like Microsoft Ignite is simply the sheer scale of information presented. There is no way that you can see everything you want, let alone absorb it all in the time.

The great thing is that apart from Microsoft Live Streaming everything for those like me that weren’t there but they also record it and make it available at:

On demand sessions

Simply search for the session, title or topic that you want. The video content actually ends up on YouTube on the Microsoft Ignite channel. However, at the moment, the sessions from Ignite are unlisted so you need to know their direct URL.

As I did with Ignite 2017 I have created a list of all the session URLs on YouTube and posted that on my GitHub here:


There currently are not many sessions in the list but I’ll continue to add them as I go along, so make sure you book mark that location. Also, if you find a link to a session please send it to me so I can include it.

Now one of the other things I like to do is go and grab all the slides from the sessions and upload them to my SharePoint site so I can search them if needed. There is great PowerShell script here:


That will allow you to grab all the slides and all the videos if you want. The script is also smart enough to determine what you already have if you re run it as you can see –


and you may need to do this as all the content is not up there just yet. I’ve managed to grab about 1,115 or 1,620 sessions so far but I’ll be running the script a few more times over the next couple of weeks to make sure I get everything.

It’ll take me a a full 12 months to go through all these sessions but it is worth the investment and kudos to Microsoft for making all this content available to anyone and everyone.

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