CIAOPS GitHub Repositories


I have now created 2 GitHub repos for Office 365 and Azure content. You can find these at:


At the moment they mostly contain basic connection PowerShell scripts but I am looking to grow the content over time and include other information that people can use. For example, in the Azure repo you’ll find my Azure bucket spreadsheet which is a basic way of pricing and bundling Azure services.

Much of the content is under development but using GitHub allows me to easily work on the content across different machines and have a development environment to work with (i.e. versions, branches, etc).

Using GitHub I also see as a way for me to gain experience with the technology given the recent Microsoft purchase of GitHub as well as the general move to a DevOps world.

So, take a look at what is there, hopefully you’ll find some handy PowerShell scripts and don’t forget to check back regularly for new and updated content. As always you can send me feedback directly or in GitHub for each project.

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