My podcasts 2018


Apart from my Kindle and Audible consumption I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts. Whether travelling in the car, on the train, out walking, taking a flight, wherever. I’m not usually far from a having a podcast in my ear.

So here’s my current top listening list:

1. Windows Weekly

The latest Microsoft news with some fun and entertainment along the way. Paul Thurrott’s musing make this podcast alone something worth listening to.

2. The Tim Ferriss Show

Some really great advice, business insights and strategy. Also lots of life lessons that I have found work really well for me. A weekly must listen for me.

3. Microsoft Cloud Show

Beginning to lose it’s interest for me. Becoming too Dev heavy and repeating stuff that I know about. Also, becoming a bit too much of the ‘space nerds’ podcast.

4. Hardcore History

Not a regular event but when these episodes drop I’m all ears. They are are deep dive into history told by a master narrator. If you love history, you’ll love these episodes.

5. Jocko Podcast

Probably too hard core for most. For me it is a great mix of military history and business mindset training. If you have a ‘fanatical’ tendency then give this one a listen.

6. Unbeatable Mind Podcast

Still some worthwhile content but becoming less so for me. Maybe time to put this one on the back burner for a while.

7. Let’s Talk Crypto podcast

An Australian show that walks you through the basics. Needs some deeper content to keep me listening long term but for now a good summary and getting started point for crypto, especially if you want an Australian bent.

8. Microsoft Cloud IT Pro podcast

A lot of news around the MS Cloud but also a lot of snide comments about unfavoured MS services which can be a tad grating given they do have value to many. Short and sweet but perhaps too short? Again, another one up for review in 2018.

9. The Kevin Rose Show

A bit like the Tim Ferriss podcast. Plenty of interesting and different stuff that always makes you think. Somewhat irregular episodes but I am still enjoying what I’m hearing.

I listen to all episodes at at least 2X speed to allow me to crank through most of these episodes in a week.

There are also a few new podcast I’ve recently picked up on that I am still evaluating as to whether they’ll remain favourites. I currently download them all but do I listen regularly? Probably not. if I have missed a few episodes then, after a while, I’ll probably remove them from my play list. Finding informative and enjoyable content is proving harder for me of late.

Since 2010 I have published my own podcast:

Need to Know podcast

which covers the Microsoft Cloud (typically Office 365 and Azure) as well as business topics. I encourage you to have a listen and me know what you think.

So what do you listen to and recommend?

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