Azure Shell comes directly to browsers

One of the really cool things Azure has introduced recently has been it’s Cloud Shell.


This is the ability to run a PowerShell command line window directly in a browser or on a mobile device. You did this by selecting the shell icon in the portal as shown above. When you did so you got a command line in the lower half of your browser. Really handy.

Now all of this is happening in a browser and until now you needed to access this by logging into the Azure portal. Well, if you now navigate directly to:

You’ll be able to login to the Azure Cloud Shell directly.


When you go there you’ll need to select a subscription to use (in case your have a few).


Once you have selected this an Azure Cloud Shell will spin up right in your browser as shown above. It may take a few minutes to do this and actually get to the command prompt, so be patient.


Once there, you can execute PowerShell commands against the tenant.

How cool is that?

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