How to demo Office 365–My system


I’m happy to announce the release of my latest course – “How to Demonstrate Office 365” which you can find here:

The course contains over 15 video lessons, including downloadable material and course notes. Importantly, it gives you a framework you can use to effectively show people what Office 365 is about. It is not designed to give them a deep dive, it is designed to give them a taste of what Office 365 can do for their business in a structured and engaging manner.

I created the course because I saw so many people struggling to annunciate what Office 365 is and how it can be used to solve business pain points. The course gives you a method you can follow to present effectively every time. It show you how to prepare and target your material and what to actually show. If you are a reseller of Office 365 this is going to improve your conversions, and that means more opportunity for you.

The secret of success is to use a system, and that is what I have created for you in this course. I have also included the option for a one on one coaching session where you can show me how you present Office 365 and I’ll provide you feedback and tips on how to improve further. All of this included for the low cost of US$99.

Sign up today and start presenting Office 365 better.

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