Office 365 supervision policies


One of the really great things about Office 365 is it’s compliance features. Here’s one you may not know about.

Navigate to the Security and Compliance center after logging into your tenant as an administrator with appropriate rights. From the menu on the left select Data Governance.

Then from the menu that appear select Supervision.


You’ll need to create a new policy which you’ll start by giving a Name and a Description.


Next, select which users in your tenant you want to supervise. That is, which users communications do you wish to monitor.


Next, select the monitoring direction, here I selected Inbound and Outbound. I also elected to Add a condition but you’ll also see there are lot of monitoring choices here form the pull down menu.


I decided that I want to monitor my users for the use of the word ‘bananna’ because I really want to know what the monkey’s are doing with my banannas. Yes, I spelt it in a special ‘unique’ way so I can trigger this condition deliberately for demos.


Next, I decided what level of communications I want to review. The default here is 10% and you’ll need to be careful about overloading yourself with too much to monitor. I set this to 100% in this case so I will always get a result (again for demo reasons).


Next, I enter the users who will review the material. Basically, these people will get access to the material to review which I’ll come to soon.


You review your settings and Finish to save and enforce the policy.


What Office 365 now does is effectively create a private shared mailbox that the reviewers can attach to and into which the material to review will be sent. They simply attach to this mailbox as they would any other shared mailbox. The details of this mailbox will be provided once the policy has been enabled.


As you can see, my reviewer can now attach to the supervisory shared mailbox and view any contents there. As you can see there is already a need to review an email that mentions the search term ‘bananna’. Those damm monkeys!

As I mentioned, Office 365 really has some great tool to monitor communication in your business. Take a look inside the Security and Compliance center to see options are available to you.

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