When to use Internet Explorer with SharePoint Online

Although there are fewer people using Internet Explorer these days, there is still a reason to use it when it comes to SharePoint Online in Office 365.


That is because when you do you get one additional option you don’t get elsewhere – View in File Explorer as you see above. This option is only available (at the moment) when you browse to a Document Library in SharePoint Online using Internet Explorer.

Viewing in File Explorer effectively maps a location from your Windows file manager on your desktop directly to that Document Library in SharePoint Online. This comes in real handy if you need to bulk copy and move files from one location to another as it makes the Document Library just like any other folder on your computer.

I cover all the basics in the above video, so take a look and let me know what you think, and remember, for the time being at least, Internet Explorer still has its uses when it comes to SharePoint Online!

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