Book me for a free Office 365 demo

If you would like me to give you or your customers a free remote 45 minute demonstration of the power of Office 365 then please use the following URL to make an appointment:


Once booked I’ll provide you with a Skype for Business meeting link you can use to view my screen. You’ll need to ensure you sound and microphone are working beforehand to get the most from the demonstration. You also won’t need to have Skype for Business on your desktop, you can connect just using a browser.

You’re probably asking why would I do this for free and without obligation? Obviously, I’m keen to spruik my knowledge and services but more than that, I want to understand the questions people have about Office 365. I want to understand what solutions they need so I can improve my offerings and knowledge of the product. Finally, I also want to see Office 365 demo’ed correctly. I want to ensure that people know ALL the features that are available rather than just one or two.

So, if you are looking to understand what Office 365 has to offer please book me for a free and non obligation remote demo using the URL:

This offer is not limited to just Australian businesses and customers. I’m happy to present in any time zone provided you can live with accent!

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