SBS to Azure online training course


I know there are a lot of Microsoft Small Business Servers (SBS) still out there in the wild. Unfortunately, they are becoming rather long in the tooth and harder to support and maintain.

Migrating all the functions that SBS provided can be a challenge not to mention confusing in today’s world of cloud. For that reason I’ve put together this online training course:

SBS to Azure

It’s aim is to show you the basics of connecting an SBS (or any legacy on premises) environment to the Microsoft cloud.

The course will step you through the process of linking your existing on premises network to Azure via a site to site VPN. It will show you how to create Azure virtual networks and virtual machines. You’ll then see how to use these to easily extend your on premises environment.

The course will show you how to set up Azure AD Connect to sync your on premises users to Azure and Office 365 while also taking advantage of Azure DNS. There is even a dash of PowerShell thrown in for good measure.

Unfortunately, there is not a single button that will migrate your SBS environment to the cloud, however this course aims to give you a much better understanding of how to tackle that tasks as well the concrete steps you need to take when doing a migration.

There are over 12 lessons with over 2 hours of interactive video training and resources. If you visit the course today you can access a free preview of the first lesson which is an overview.

I will continue to improve the course material over time but I certainly hope that you’ll consider it if you are looking to moving SBS to the Microsoft cloud.

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