Microsoft Teams has arrived


After a period in preview, Microsoft Teams has now hit the app launcher in Office 365 as you can see above. This means that most users now have the ability to not only see this new tile but also to select it and start creating Microsoft Teams within their tenants.

I have been working with many organisations recently, introducing them to Microsoft Teams while it was in preview. They are all very excited by the opportunities it presents to improve collaboration. Microsoft Teams is a further example of the shift away from IT being the enabler to users being able to automatically provision the resources they need.

When you create a Microsoft Team you not only get a SharePoint Team Site you get a shared calendar, Planner, email distribution list, chat and more. All of this happens behind the scenes once you name you Microsoft Team. All of this happens WITHOUT the need of an IT administrator.

At the back end the resources a Microsoft Team provisioned are build on services like SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, etc but Teams allows them all to be automatically be provisioned and accessed by users from a single dedicated app on the desktop, browser or on a mobile device. This allows users to get everything they need and more quickly and easily.

If you are an IT admin of an Office 365 tenant and you don’t know what Microsoft Teams is then you better get up to speed pretty darn quick as it doesn’t users to locate these new features and start enabling them. The role of IT shift from being an installer to helping users get the most from all the components that Microsoft Teams provides.

I’ll be doing a Microsoft Teams deep dive session at my upcoming webinar:

CIAOPS Need to Know webinar – March 2017

If you are reading this after the fact then you’ll find a recording of the session at:

CIAOPS Academy

I’ll be writing more about the shift Microsoft Teams is creating in the work place very soon so stay tuned for more.

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