Publish your Office 365 calendar publicly


There are plenty of times when it is handy being able to give people anonymous access to your calendar not matter where they are.

To enable this, login to your Office 365 web portal.


Navigate to your web calendar typically by selecting the calendar icon from the portal home page.


In the top right of the page select the Cog icon as shown.


This will slide a blade out from the right of the window. At the bottom of this locate and select Calendar as shown, this is under the Your app settings area.


Locate and select the option Publish Calendar which appears under the Shared Calendars option towards the bottom on the left.


Now determine your sharing options from the pull down menus. Since this is going to be available publically I’d be recommending you select Availability only from the Select permissions options.

Once you have made your changes select the Save icon at the top.


You’ll now get a HTML calendar URL as well as an ICS calendar URL that you can copy and paste, then send to any contacts.


If you navigate to the HTML link, you should see something like the above displayed. The entries there will depend on the permissions you selected previously.

Of course, when you update your private calendar the external links will also be updated, since they are basically a view onto this calendar.

Once you can configured this and copied the link it makes it really easy to provide people with a idea of what your calendar is like, now and in the future. Pretty cool eh?

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