OneDrive for Business admin console rolling out


Microsoft has commenced the roll out of a dedicated OneDrive for Business administration console as you can see above. You can read more details about this here:

New OneDrive Admin Center Preview


To access the new console you’ll need to have set your Office 365 tenant to first release and then visit:

As you can see from the screen shots here the console is currently divided into a number of menu options.

The Sharing option allows you control who outside your tenant can receive shared files.


I like the option here that allows an administrator to set options such as how long anonymous links remain.


The Sync option controls the sync client.


The Storage allows you to manage the default storage allocated to each user along with the retention time of deleted user’s OneDrive information.


The Device Access tab allows you to control access based on network location as well as controlling OneDrive policies on the mobile devices.


At the bottom you’ll also find the option to control how long data is retained when a device is offline.


The final tab allows you to control the Compliance of OneDrive for Business.

This new admin center for OneDrive for Business is still in preview but we expect to see more and more options become available with the eventual integration into the existing Office 365 admin center.

If you have Office 365 first release enabled, go and take a look!

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