October Webinar resources



Another successful monthly webinar is now complete. I’ve changed from the previous webinar software now to using Skype for Business and it change over was pretty smooth. There is still a few things that I’m trying to automate to achieve the same level of functionality as before. However, overall, things went much smoother than I thought.

The slides are now available for free download at:


If you are not a CIAOPS patron you want to view or download a full copy of the video from the session you can do so here:


you can also now get access to all webinars via:


for a nominal fee.

I’ll be posting information about the November which at this stage looks like being around the 17th of November. As yet I haven’t settled on a topic, so if you have a suggestion of what you’d like to see a deep dive on when it comes to Office 365 please don’t hesitate to contact me (director@ciaops.com).

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